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Give your NFT Community Superpowers

The most powerful tool for your NFT community

Reward active members, drive engagement, manage whitelists, and more.

Built exclusively for the Solana Blockchain


Floor & Volume Tracker

Track the floor price of your NFT collection, along with the volume and listings across multiple marketplaces.


Discord Analytics

Analyze your community growth over time and the most active days and hours of the week in beautiful yet powerful charts.


Sales & Listings Bot

Set up a channel in seconds to automatically post details of which of your collection NFT got listed or sold.


Whitelist Management

Get to know your top community members and give them whitelist roles with 1-click, view member stats, and more.


Collection Showcase

Give your community a beautiful and unique space to display their NFTs for them to share with friends.


Holders Verification

Let your community members verify their ownership of their NFTs and grant the access to secret holders-only channels.


Twitter Integration

Seamlessly integrate Twitter to share the latest news and updates with your community members.


Rarity Bot

Set up a rarity channel in seconds, give your community the fastest and most complete way to see the rarity of your collection NFTs.


DAO Whitelisting

Give other communities access to your NFT collection mint by whitelisting them in a very special way, no more Google Forms.


Support Tickets

Manage support tickets and respond to them in real-time and delight your community, all from your dashboard.